Meet the dynamic duo dedicated to your next amazing experience.

Enchanting Teepee Parties started in the winter of 2021.  As you know, COVID had turned life upside down, and everything we knew to be normal was replaced with uncertainty. People lost family members, lost their jobs, homeschool became the standard and households were overwhelmed spiritually, mentally and financially.  My daughter, Kylie, and I wanted to start a business that by the time the pandemic was winding down we could bring a sense of normalcy back into households.  We wanted to do something DIFFERENT, FUN, something not everyone else was doing.

The idea of doing a teepee slumber party was conceived when my husband and I were out of town visiting friends and their granddaughter had a teepee party for her birthday.  The teepees were absolutely beautiful and the girls looked as though they had spent the day at Disney.  I was captivated, in awe at how BEAUTIFUL the teepees were and how ELATED the children were and wanted to be a part of making that same kind of magic for others.

Kylie was getting ready to be a first time Mom and although she loved her job, she wanted to stay home with her baby.  I was in a stressful job with horrible medical benefits and thought things could only get better from here!  At that point we lived and breathed everything teepees!  How could we bring the same JOY to children that I saw on the faces of my friends’ grandchildren?  We wanted to be CREATIVE, FUN, MAGICAL and most of all, MEMORABLE.

We believe that we have met our goal!  We are proud of our accomplishment, and look forward to bringing those same SMILES I saw on my friends’ granddaughters faces, into your home!

Why teepees?

Enchanting Teepee Parties is a unique party experience, none like it in the Central New York area. We take ordinary slumber parties and make them EXTRAordinary.

There is no getting around it…. Teepees are fun! Boys and girls alike would love to sleep in a teepee.  How can it get any better than that?  The teepees are set up in your home so no matter what season we’re in, rain or shine, you’re guaranteed a memorable event. We arrive the day of the event, set-up the teepees and work our magic.  The next day we return to tear down and pack-up.

Our teepees aren’t your everyday ordinary teepees.  They’re the Rock Stars of All teepees!  We offer seven themes that are decked out with an extra comfy 18” pillowtop air mattress, fitted sheets, lightweight blankets, bed trays, lanterns, decorative pillows, lights, banners, garland, and rugs.

As if teepees weren’t enough! Enchanting Teepee Parties has THREE picnic themes.  You choose the theme; we arrange a beautifully decorated atmosphere!

It’s fun, magical and memorable.  Anyone can have a sleepover, rent a bounce house, go bowling or go to the party place at the mall.  Enchanting Teepee Parties is designed so there is no packing up kids, presents and cake to get to a location only to have to unpack the kids, presents and cake once you’re there.  No repacking the kids and EXTRA presents after the event or unloading the kids and presents once your home…. It’s all at your location!