Well, it’s not all fun and games.

  1. Warning: No running in the teepee area. Chance of injury.
  2. Warning: No horseplay, roughhousing or fighting in the teepee area. Chance of injury
  3. Do not pull, tug, yank or be rough with the teepees. This may cause harm to the guest or cause damage to the property and/or equipment (teepee and accessories).
  4. The air mattresses are meant for normal use. Do not jump on air mattress or use sharp objects while on the air mattress. 
  5. Decorations are to be left As Is and are not to be moved, removed or dismantled without explicit consent beforehand.
  6. Guests are to use caution and care if eating or drinking in the teepee area.
  7. Guests are to use caution and care with decorations (photo booth props, decorative pillows, lanterns, bed trays, blankets, décor).
  8. If a party is scheduled for outdoor use and bad weather is forecasted, the party will be set-up indoors.
  9. NO glitter, sequins, silly string, confetti, water guns/balloons, colored powder in any form, or slime is allowed in the teepee area. These items have a high potential for staining/ruining décor.
  10. Do not use the teepees and décor for anything other than what it is intended.


A signed waiver of liability must be signed prior to setup. Download that form here:

Waiver of Liability